Our Ten Year Goals

Rorschach, Nomnomhead, ShowMeTheMoney, and I have set ourselves some ambitious goals to achieve within the next ten years.¬†Although we are scattered in different parts of the globe and we are at different stages in our lives, we are all “newbs” to the game of wealth building. We’ve created this website to help ourselves and other newbs like us by sharing our experiences and our knowledge gained along our way to financial independence.

So what exactly are we trying to achieve?

Mrs. Bookworm

My goal is to accumulate 800,000 USD within the next ten years. At the end of 2012, my net worth was just above 100,000 USD. I have earned a good income in the past few years but have not been saving as much as I should have. So I will be working on getting my budget under control for the coming decade.


Nomnomhead’s freelance job means that his annual income is wildly unpredictable. His goal is to be able to generate enough income from his investments to ensure that he can live on this comfortably through bad times. His goal is to reach an annual passive income of 100,000 USD from investments. Last year, he generated 5,000 USD.


Rorschach is interested in various investment vehicles. He intends to grow his total net worth to 250,000 SGD in the next ten years. He is currently at 20,000 SGD.


Currently, ShowMeTheMoney is investing almost all he makes from his part-time job into the stock market. Once he graduates and gets a job, he expects to start making more and investing more. His aim is to accumulate 5,000,000 PHP in the next ten years. Currently, he has been able to set aside 150,000 PHP.

Goals Progress 2013

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