Getting the ETF Itch

In a couple more months the Philippine investing landscape is set to get a welcome upgrade with the addition of exchange traded funds (ETFs). I have zero experience in these kinds of investments but what I’m hearing is they’re something in between stocks and trust funds. If you’ve traded stocks and subscribed to trusts before, ETFs would be the next step along the investing learning curve. ETFs are traded in the stock exchange (hence the name) and so their value fluctuates within the trading day, and they don’t have the management fees of traditional trust funds (I’ve had one which charged me 3% outright on top of an annual 0.5%). But not unlike trusts, ETFs are a collection of several stocks or commodities or bonds. This makes them another great way to achieve a more diversified portfolio. With the top three banks raring to get out of the gate and get their ETFs listed, it’s going to be interesting to see how this investment vehicle fares. The local bourse has been overperforming as of late, but I wouldn’t mind dipping my toes in these waters as long as the funds are wisely composed.

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