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I love a new release of an Apple product more than the Chinese black market dealers. As we all know, Apple releases are a big deal – the fanboys, the new technology and the money, but what the boy in me loves the most is the chaos.

Disclaimer: I will be channeling Mr. Burns of the Simpsons. I am long on AAPL and I don’t know if the stock will rise or fall – do not make investment decisions based on this article!

Watching the news reporting on the first iPhone 6 sold in Australia and he drops it:

Now that I own stock in Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), I love the destruction! I know what it’s like to drop an iPhone but all I can think of while watching this video is, “Yes, break it and buy more so my share price will increase!”.  Every time I go to a bar or ride the train, I see countless cracked iPhones and usually without the iPhone case. I always wonder why people don’t buy a case as mine has saved my phone many times (both my wife and I have the iPhone 4s with cases and they are not cracked even after getting dropped multiple times).

cracked iPhone
Cracked iPhone? Get a case next time!

I also stumbled upon a video of the New York release and this guy is complaining about the change in “the spirit of the line”. He goes on to show what appears to be the various lines around the city filled with old Chinese people who seem to be buying phones for black market export to China. As an Apple shareholder, I don’t care unless they are stealing thousands of phones from warehouses. They are buying them so the money goes to the company then back to me. As a customer, I don’t care because I am not going to wait in line for 2 days when I can walk in at lunch on release day and get the phone in 15 minutes (seriously, I was able to do this in New York).

One more thing. Sawing, shooting, exploding, blending and lasering iPhone videos, keep them coming! These fan-produced videos tend to increase the durability expectations of customers and I know Apple isn’t swapping these out under warranty.

Finally, promotional consideration furnished by Apple. iMacs, iPhones, MacBooks are literally on every desk of every TV show I see. I would never complain to the board for their perceived 99% entertainment market saturation but I do still wonder how many of those are purchased and how many are gifted. Either way Apple’s fanboys and promotional fans are leading Apple to Coke-like brand recognition.


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